Restored Resources completes an average 300 unit apartment community in                                                      "One Week"!



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Site Survey

Restored Resources will perform a free site survey to test existing fixtures, current water usage, and educate staff on the latest conservation products. Surveys are expected to take 20-30 Minutes and we can even install sample toilets to make sure you are happy with the fixtures we plan to install.

Conservation Plan
After the site survey Restored Resources will analyze your past water bills and prepare a detailed all-around investment evaluation. 


  • Projected Cost Savings
  • Return Of Investment Time
  • Property Value Gain 
  • Amount Of Water Saved


Many cities offer rebates towards the cost of High Efficiency Toilets to help promote water conservation. Restored Resources will contact the city where your property is located, if rebates are offered, we will create a breakdown of how much to expect back when the conservation project is completed. Want to Learn More about rebates? Contact Us

Once the project has been approved, our team will perform the installation of high efficiency toilets, showerheads, aerators, and other water saving products using quality and reliable techniques. On average 50 Toilets are installed per day, resulting in a fast and efficient project.