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Who Are We?


 Raise Your Property Value

With an 85% faster Return On Investment over Solar Panels, a water conservation project will reduce utility expenses and increase net operating income, directly resulting in higher property value.

"The #1, Dollar For Dollar, Multi-Family Property Investment."

Gallons Saved 

 & Counting!

 in Water

  Utility Cost

Since 2010 

  • We Have Saved Our Clients Over Fifteen Million Dollars on Utility Cost.
  • Added Over One Hundred Million Dollars In Property Value
  • Saved Over Ten Billion Gallons Of Water.

No Risk Investment

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​Qualifying properties can be financed through Restored Resources with no-interest payments, payments will be based on utility savings. Save thousands on finance charges

Restored Resources is a commercially licensed plumbing company, specializing in water & energy conservation. We have over 20 years of dedicated experience 

reducing the use of our earths most precious resource, Water. Through the installation of high efficiency fixtures and products, multi-family and commercial properties will save millions of gallons of water, save thousands of dollars and add hundreds of thousands of dollars in property value.