Niagara's Dual-Thread Needle and

Bubble Spray Aerator (Specs)

Niagara's Dual-Thread Needle and Bubble Spray aerators are an innovative water-saving solution designed to accommodate both male and female applications. Niagara's faucet aerators save money on water and energy by producing forceful streams at a reduced flow rate that minimizes the amount of energy needed to heat hot water. 

Niagara's Earth Showerhead (Specs)


Niagara's Earth Showerhead saves money by reducing   up to 40% less water than traditional "low flow" shower heads. While the Earth showerhead ensures drastic water usage reductions, the patented pressure compensating technology still guarantees a powerful, consistent flow rate regardless of available water pressure.

Niagara's Ecologic Flapperless Toilet (Specs)

​The EcoLogic Niagara Flapperless toilet features a revolutionary tip-bucket technology, creating a high-performance flush at 1.28 gallons per flush. Niagara's Patent Flapperless technology is maintenance-free, eliminating the need to replace flappers, chains and levers. With an adjustable rough-ins and an oversize footprint, it covers over existing cut-out areas with ease and eliminates costly flooring repairs.


Zurn Z5798 Ultra Low Consumption Urinal (Specs)

Zurn continues to demonstrate leadership in plumbing system innovation. The Z5798 ultra low consumption (1/8 gpf) urinal system is the latest product to follow in that pioneering spirit. It leads the way with ultra low water consumption, latest in sensor technology, and high quality vitreous china.  

  • Sensor Flush with Smart Technology

  • Sanitary hands-free operation with the latest in sensor technology

  • Battery Operated

  • Optimized electronics for 200,000 cycle battery life

  • All Metal Chrome-Plated Housing

  • Heavy-duty commercial grade construction

  • Long lasting, dependable performance in harsh water conditions

  • Easy to Retrofit 

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All Niagara products are backed with a 10 year warranty

The Best Quality Products to Ensure Reliability

Bubble Spray

Dual Thread Needle

Ecoblue Cube

​As the Ecoblue Cube dissolves, natural beneficial bacteria are released and digest waste material and scale throughout the urinal and drain. Odor forming pathogens are eradicated, allowing flushing to be reduced by 99%. Two flushes is all that is required at the end of each day to replace the trap with fresh water. Cubes last approximately 1,400 uses, which typically translates to 1 - 3 weeks depending on frequency of traffic to the urinal.

Niagara's Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet (Specs)

Innovative and stylish, Niagara’s 0.8 gallon per flush (GPF) ultra high-efficiency toilet (UHET), goes a step beyond the standard water-saving toilets on the market. With its quiet flush, low-profile body and breakthrough patented hydraulic technology, the Stealth has revolutionized the toilet market. It is offered in both round and elongated models and adaptable to fit a standard 12” roughing installation. The Stealth easily replaces your existing toilet, offering superior performance and lowering water usage and utility bills like no other toilet can.