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With an 85% faster Return On Investment over Solar Panels, a water conservation project will reduce utility expense, and increase net operating income directly resulting in higher property value.

Who Are We?

Restored Resources is a commercially licensed plumbing company specializing in water conservation. We have over 20 years of dedicated experience 

reducing the use of our earths most precious resource, Water. Through the installation of high efficiency fixtures and products, multi-family and commercial properties will save millions of gallons of water, save thousands of dollars and add hundreds of thousands of dollars in property value.


 Raise Your Property Value

The #1 Dollar For Dollar Multi-family Capital Gain!

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Gallons Saved 

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​Qualifying properties can be financed through Restored Resources with no-interest payments, payments will be based on utility savings. Save thousands on finance charges

Since 2010 

  • We Have Saved Our Clients Over Ten Million Dollars
  • Added Over One Hundred Million Dollars In Property Value
  • Saved Over Seven Billion Gallons Of Water.

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